Quality pre-owned Volvo's                                         

L&B Auto Inc. has specialized in Volvo and Saab service and used sales since the early 90’s and has been in business since 1980.  We are a full service facility offering complete European car care with over 75% of our business being Volvo related.                       
            While we do have clean title, undamaged, and clear Carfax history vehicles a large part of our inventory is vehicles we have aquired through salvage.  Most of the vehicles that come thorough salvage are vehicles that normally would not be on the market. Their previous owners had been taking care of their cars and had no intention of replacing them, but because of being involved in an accident the vehicle was "taken" away from them.  Because of this we have been able to obtain cars with relatively minor damage that are excellent vehicles, but have been "totaled" by insurance companies.  They may have branded titles but are excellent vehicles after repair and servicing.
             We also obtain vehicles through trade, private purchase, and from other dealers.


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